Transportation to the Island is via sea. As it could be transported by a ferry from Canakkale sea port(please look at the table for days and hours) . It is also possible to reach to the Island from Kabatepe Sea port. During the summer season there are two ways of going by the two private boats which belongs to the municipality Island is also open for civilian avitition with its 1200 meters lenght pist. Island is a lovely resort with its calm, beautiful and clean nature

Gökçeada_Kabatepe arabalı gemisi
Kabatepe - Gökçeada Gökçeada - Kabatepe
      09:00 (am)
      15:00 (pm)
      20:00 (pm)
07:00 (am)
13:00 (pm)
18:00 (pm)

Çanakkale-Gökçeada Deniz Otobüsü
Çanakkale - Gökçeada
temporary no voyage
Gökçeada - Çanakkale
temporary no voyage

Ferry Sea Bus

Student : 1,5 TL
Passenger : 5 TL
Passenger in vehicle: 1,5 TL
Automobile(1+7 seats): 50 TL
Minibus(8+18 seats): 60 TL
Midibus(19+32 seats): 90 TL
Bus : 190 TL
Motorcycle(150 cc under): 9 TL
Motorcycle(150 cc over): 25 TL

Passsenger : 15 TL (one pass)
Student : 10 TL (one pass)*

* student ID